A graphics driver reset is handy when you use your system for extensive hours. In those cases, your screen, PC, or the entire system could get stuck. That’s either because of the overheating issues, or the System is trying to focus power. Thus, you can reset the graphics driver to enhance the graphics performance. This also applies in case you are playing games for too long.

To do it manually, just open up Windows and type “device manager” in the search box. Once you have found your USB controller, click on the Update button. Once you’ve done this, right-click the USB device and choose “Update driver.” Your computer will search for the newer version of the driver. It will then walk you through the process of installing the driver. The device should now show up in Device Manager.

If you are unable to access Safe Mode from the Display Driver Uninstaller, you can run the tool directly from Safe Mode by following the steps above. Click the Start button, press and hold the button Change key and click the Energy button. While you hold Change button select the Restart option. It is also possible to use this software if you want to restore NVIDIA drivers to the previous version if the current version is giving you problems. Autoruns from Microsoft can be used to delete installed drivers .

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There’s no way to “hide” an update or block updates from within Windows itself, but Microsoft provides a downloadable tool to do this. It’s intended for temporarily hiding buggy or otherwise problematic while they don’t work properly on your system. The option to roll back a driver was added in Windows 10’s Anniversary Update. Previously, you had to uninstall the device from your system and delete the driver so you could reinstall the original driver.

However, if you are using trial version you will have to click the Update Driver option against each driver. This is can be time-consuming but this is the limitation of the trial version. The Quickest way to strikethrough in Google Sheets is to use the strikethrough keyboard shortcut. To do so, select the cell or cells containing the text you want to strikethrough, then press Alt + Shift + 5 on Windows, Command (⌘) + Shift + X on Mac, and Alt + Shift + 5 on ChromeOS. So far, using the shortcut is one of the quickest ways to … The Mobile Plans and Messaging apps are removed for non-cellular devices and are not installed by default.

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That feature requires the NVIDIA GeForce Experience software. It has some neat features like the ability to automatically optimize graphics settings for your PC games and record your gameplay. It also can automatically search for and install driver updates. You’ll have to find and install updates manually if you skip the GeForce Experience application. «GRD» Game Ready Drivers provide the best possible gaming experience for all major games.

Ways to Reset a Graphics Driver

As a network admin, I prefer the PowerShell method which is free and easy to replicate. I can run the PS script on any no. of systems remotely resulting in desirable consequences for all the hosts. When you get stuck in the “display is not compatible with Windows 10” issue, you can try the above solutions to fix it. If you have any other problems with this issue, you can leave a message in our comment part. When you attempt to upgrade your Windows using Windows Upgrade Assistant, an error message saying “display is not compatible with Windows 10” may pop up.

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